Monday, March 23, 2009

Personal Space

Sorry about the hiatus to all my avid readers, I have been busy with all of my other classes lately. But I am back and promise to keep up with all of my posts. I'll even try to do some extra ones to make up for lost time!

I just got back to Tucson from Spring Break! It was the last one of my undergrad career so I decided to go out with a bang and head to Los Angeles to visit some friends at LMU. It was great but after the first night I wished I had my own hotel room. There were at least 12 people in a three bedroom house each night, and sometimes that number was higher. It got me thinking about how uncomfortable it can be when someone invades my personal space. That made me start thinking about how different my expectations are in terms of a "personal bubble" when I'm in a different country. For example, when I wait in line at an ATM in the U.S. I stand several feet away from the person who is using the machine. In many countries this custom is not recognized and Americans are often forced out of their comfort zones because of it. Check out this photo of my brother, Phil, at an ATM in Xcalak, Mexico. The local kids were curious and their parents didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with the way their obsession over the ATM screen.

I had a great time watching from afar as my big brother tried to get money out of an ATM that didn't have any money in it while shielding his pin number from these curious kids. The whole point though is that all countries don't have the same expectations when it comes to personal space.

This video is just some guys talking about "Man Laws" and personal space. It made me realize that nobody has the same expectations when it comes to space, no matter where you're from. I hope you laugh as much as I did when I first saw it!

Below is a video with a professional talking about space etiquette in the U.S.

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