Monday, April 27, 2009


It is hard to believe that a semester has already passed since I started this blog. What began as a school project will most definitely end with this semester. Keeping a blog for Borderbeat has been a difficult part of the class because I'm not a big blogger. Sure, I'll read an interesting post when they surface but I don't subscribe to blogs religiously. I really enjoyed some of the people I met and places I traveled for this class though.

Whether I was talking to coffee roasters in Mexico or a Panama hat finisher in Bisbee, Ariz., I was having a great time. The people I interviewed were so ready to tell their stories that I was grateful to be able to listen. Sometimes the road trips got a little tedious, especially when I traveled on unpaved roads (see photo on right), but it was still always fun.

The best part about Borderbeat is the fact that everyone contributed in their own way. I was able to write story packages that I am proud of (see links in previous paragraph). They include audio, video, still photography and text. I'm really excited because this is what I hoped to accomplish in this class! In addition, I have been told by readers that the topics I chose to write about are interesting. This is exciting to hear because the number one goal in journalism is to write something that people want to read.

For all of those future Borderbeat stars, good luck. Remember to write about things that interest you. If you do that, you will never have problems meeting your deadlines. If you start writing about things that bore you, your readers will know and become less interested in your words!

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  1. Hi Laura! I work for the Panama Hat Maker you did your Borderbeat piece on. He'd LOVE to get hold of you and get permission to use your materials indefinitely. If you get this message, would you please email Grant? Thanks for the superb job!!!